SanPro Sandwich Protector Plate

Intended use: As a protective plate = Protector against

  • Wear
  • Noise and dust development
  • Material packing in industrial plants
  • mainly conveyor systems for bulk materials
  • as well as a shock absorber plate in all industrial plant areas

SANPRO protective elements have excellent shock- and sound-absorbing properties with a highly wear-resistant and at the same time extremely slippery polyurethane surface. These features give the plant operator the opportunity to circumvent the disadvantages of previously used systems for noise reduction, dust protection, mechanical and chemical wear protection.

In addition, the Sandwich Protector Plates – SANPRO – provide excellent protection against mechanical damage to conveyor belts of all types at highly stressed material transfer points in an extremely economical and simple form.

Structure: panel in sandwich construction, consisting of

  • Base plate: Sheet steel carrier material
  • Damping layers: Rubber layers in design or application-related thickness, and made of various rubber qualities of different Shore hardness.
  • Top layer: Polyurethane in design or application-related thickness, slippery and wear-resistant “ASMATHANE” according to the application.

The individual layers are bonded by means of a special chemical/physical process after appropriate pre-processing of the individual sandwich elements in several work stages to achieve a permanent bond between the different materials (base plate, damping layers and top layer).

Installation Notice:
A roller station should be installed immediately before and after SANPRO panels, approx. 5 – 10mm above panel surface. When mounting with screws, make sure that not only the steel sheet but also the rubber is predrilled in the screw length. Welding of the plates only with shielding gas (because of temperature)!