Continuous research and development.

The VTH Association of Technical Dealers is the largest industry association in Europe. As a member of this powerful association, we always have the latest information from the technical trade and access to the best training network for our employees.

Wanggo Gummitechnik has been represented on the board of the VTH for more than 10 years by its CEO Stefan Deschka and is thus directly on the pulse of the technical trade in Europe.

Partner of the research institute AC2T.

In several projects with the tribology experts from AC2T and voestalpine, a wide variety of products were tested and further developed in close cooperation with the manufacturers. Together with Sempertrans, an optimized belt with a service life improvement of +25% was developed for use at voestalpine. Likewise, the use of the stripping systems is constantly optimized and adjusted and monitored, for example, by means of thermal imaging cameras.

WANGGO Connection Check.

Together with HTL Neufelden, a tensile test was developed that allows an objective evaluation of the adhesion of bonded joints.

In R&D, new adhesives and materials are quickly evaluated and immediately subjected to a reality check based on the measured curve. Routine spot checks ensure quality in day-to-day business.

The tensile test is regularly used for quality control in production in Eferding.